LoneStar Idol


The LoneStarIdol Search Competition celebrated its 1st annual

Texas Artist Music Competition at the Granada in Dallas, Texas.  



On September 18, 2011 a special presentation "September to Remember" Lone Star Idol Search – Texas Artist Music Competition- held one of  Texas' largest annual gathering of musical talent featuring an unprecedented day of celebration and musical performances with sponsors, vendors  and a vast array of producers and record labels were at hand to the talent. The Competition featured some of the biggest names in entertainment including: Neutral Sister, Ernie Johnson, Salero, Official Watson, JMetro and Stephen Pride.



Birthed in DFW, the competition will be held annually, each September, bringing more than 5,000 attendees to the Lone Star State and adding more than $200K to DFW's local economy.  Submissions were accepted through August 25, 2011 for the prestigious annual Texas Artist Music Competition, exclusively for the most talented, emerging music artist in Texas, The Lone Star State.  This community-focused event was designed to showcase the most musically talented, while maximizing their exposure and jumpstarting their careers.


Only the most talented competitors took the stage with their individual, show-stopping performances. This important step encouraged them to take their career to the next level, professionally.  The Competition is essential to every music artist since it requires them to step outside of their comfort zone, while challenging their creativity, and excelling in their craft.


 1st place winner JASON ASHLEY was much deserved, as he is a talented, American Country Music singer and music producer with the ability to excel and become one of the Nation’s top Country Artist. He has his own unique style of western music, bar-room ballads and honky-tonk style, and fresh yet traditional Country music.  Mr. Ashley’s performance of his self published, soulful ballad entitled ‘Are you the One’ topped the judges voting tallies and was met with a standing ovation at the end of his stellar performance. Keep track of Mr. Ashley in the future for he is sure to impact the world with his music and producing.


The 2nd place winner Taylor Herd (left)  and 3rd place winner Crystal Cameron awed the audience with their leading performances.  Ms. Herd’s country singing was crisp and showed amazing talent.


Ms. Cameron’s (right) soulful singing of a self published song ‘So Real’ brought the audience to a new level of faith with her heartwarming, Christian-based ballad.


All the contestants that made the final cut and attended the event did not leave empty handed. They were all provided with gift cards and other gifts from our sponsors. Furthermore, all were gifted a Custom-Designed Website to showcase their music and an online store to have the ability to sell and distribute their music and products.  Their professional photogrpahs were given at a discounted rate from our sponsor GKH Photography.


This event is made possible through the contributions of corporate sponsors like Jalapeno’s Grill –Allen Texas who provide financial support for this year's competition.  Many sponsors gave gift cards and products for our contestants. King Size View News traveled from Houston, Texas to cover the event.

All of our Judges were outstanding, including Edward Helton and Jason Aguilar who shared their experiences in the music industry with all the performers. Blades and Shears and Yvonne Alford were exemplary with their styling and make-up artist ability for the Stars. Sean C. Brannon  handled the production and stage with ease and expertise. Our Emcees Tiffany Hatchett and Valenceia King kept the audience on their feet. And Shirley Walker-King, Chellie Feathers, Phoebe and Theresa kept the venue running smooth.


We are looking forward to the 2012 Season (2) as we search the States for Unsigned Talent that is looking for a vessel to take them to next level in their professional career.


A Special Thank you to all of our Contestants for being a part of our 2011 Season.